Multimedia Institue (MI2)
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(October 2013)

Multimedia Institue (MI2) is a non-profit citizen association based around a multi-faceted community connecting diverse cultural and social interests: political theory, philosophy, hacktivism, critical approaches to digital culture, information freedoms and digital commons, cultural networking and grass-root cultural advocacy, preservation of public domain and struggle for spatial justice.

MI2 is running the net.culture club MAMA in Zagreb, featuring cultural, educational and technology programs, hosting local hacker community and serving as an open venue for other cultural and social initiatives. It is the organizer of Human Rights Film Festival, electronic music programs, publishing activities and localizer of Creative Commons licenses. Since its early days in 1999, the organization has helped incubate numerous cultural and social initiatives, including cultural collaboration platform Clubture, informal cultural advocacy gathering [policy_forum] and the local Right to the City campaign.