Goran Trbuljak: Painter's Notebook
– artists' book
(April 20157)

From it’s beginnings in 1969, Goran Trbuljak’s engagement within the context of conceptual art practices, was focused on seeking of various means of making and representing the artwork. Consequently, he has redefined the status of artistic context, asking elementary questions about the artist, the autonomy of the system of museums and galleries, and about the mechanism by which something is accepted as art. Compared to many of his fellow artists in Zagreb and around the world, whose conceptual art practices in the 1960s and 1970s were conducted in the spirit of late modernism, Trbuljak’s postmodern strategy of work was unique. His attitude through humor and self-deprecating irony especially are characteristic aspects of his works, which examine issues of authorship, anonymity, and originality, directly subverting the status of the artist in a given cultural and art system.

Painter’s Notebook presents a recent text by Trbuljak which deals with one of his main interests and pertinent issues on art by examining the medium of painting, which has been a focus of his artistic practice for more than forty years of activity. The aim of this publication is to provide a short glimpse into a distinctive body of work that in 2018 will culminate in a retrospective exhibition developed within the framework of the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva.

Tevž Logar, Gregor Podnar

Gregor Podnar Gallery, Berlin

ISBN 978-961-91531-8-5