13,700,000 km3

Art Space Pythagorion, Samos, Greece
(August 2019)

The summer exhibition at Art Space Pythagorion takes as its cue the symbolic location of the venue and particularly the view from the main window of the exhibition space onto the Mediterranean Sea. The view of the sea assumes a central position in the architecture of the building as well as the exhibition space. Through the windows, visitors gaze at a vast expanse of deep turquoise waters, reminiscent of holiday brochures. On the beach, holidaymakers sunbathe nonchalantly, while the flight path of numerous charter flights from and to colder climates passes right over their heads, as the airport is a stone’s throw from the picturesque harbour of Pythagorion, reminding us of the ever-increasing phenomenon of mass tourism. [...] Across this “Big Blue” expanse, a host of critical issues are being played out. The sea functions here as a kind of an invisible liquid screen, a buffer between imagination and reality, paradise and dystopia.

Curated by Katerina Gregos

Publication published by Schwarz Foundation