"Time" – A Book for Two # 3
text by Bruno Munari
– children's book
(May/June 2011)

Inspired by Bruno Munari's text this book helps grownup to explain time to a child.
Each page is an envelope with various images related to the text on a certain page. After grownup has read the text, child is challenged to find an image which corresponds to it. Sometimes, grownup is challenged to provide some extra explanation on some of the images.

"A good book for children aged three to nine should have a very simple story and coloured images showing whole figures drawn with clarity and precision. Children are extraordinary observant, and often notice things that grownups do not.
The stories must be as simple as the child's world is: an apple, a kitten, the sun, the moon, a leaf, an ant, water, fire, time. “That’s too difficult”- you say. “Time is an abstract thing”. Well, would you like to try?
Read your child the following text and see if he/she doesn’t understand.

– Bruno Munari